Novi Sad Chamber Choir is (re)founded in 2013. In the past it was the part of Culture and Art Society „Svetozar Markovic“ in Novi Sad. The Choir has performed at many important national and international competitions and has won a great number of awards for its artistic appearances. Today’s generation of ensemble consists of forty singers who are gathered together by the conductor Bozidar Crnjanski. His goal since inception has been to develop and foster an appreciation for choral music with versatile repertoire and high standards of performing. The ensemble has had an active performing life in the country and abroad. Among their last achievements are: the concert with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra (Belgrade, 2013), I place in the category Youth Choirs, I place in the category Mixed Choirs at the First International Choir Competition in Herceg Novi (Montenegro, 2015), participation at the 68. Festival Junger Künstler in Bayreuth (Germany, 2018).

Božidar Crnjanski (1978) graduatеd in Music Theory and Pedagogy, and after that he finished the postgraduate studies in Choral Conducting at the Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad. He interested himself in vocal music during High Music School and as a singer and conductor in various choirs he performed in many European countris and in Australia as well. He was the first conductor from Serbia who worked and performed with Euro Chor (AGEC, 2010, Serbia)ensemble of young and talented singers from all over the Europe. Since 2002, for 11 yeras, he has conducted the Mixed Choir ”Svetozar Markovic” and achieved great success at the international competitions with this ensemble. He was awarded the gold medal for the best conductor of the Choir Festival of Vojvodina (Serbia, 2003, 2009, 2011) and Choir Competition in Sofia, 2004. Bozidar Crnjanski is the founder and artistic director of the Novi Sad Chamber Choir. He has been a member of jury at many domestic and international choral competitions. He is a Professor at the Department of Conducting, Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad.